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HARC mission

Our mission is to support and advance healthy ageing through biomedical research, education and collaborative partnership at European, national and local levels.

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Biobank will be organized to store biological samples ( sera, biological fluids, frozen cells, DNA, and mRNA) to provide easy access to the stored material and donor information. A computer-based system will be used to register each sample entering and exiting the system and to store the information on sample origin and current location . Biobank will be available to all partners and in the future for other MUL researchers. 

HARC Biobank has an unique system to store samples.

  • The use of liquid nitrogen (LN2) freezers for long – term specimen preservation is optimal for storage of some types of biological material (vapor phase LN2 or liquid phase LN2).  In HARC Biobank we have LN2 tank which is able to automatically monitor and control the level of liquid nitrogen. The high capacity makes it possible to hold up to 8 000 vials.
  • HARC Biobank has also freezers (-800C) which are equipped with emergency back up systems that automatically cool  their contents in the event of an extended power loss.
  • Biobank HARC has a computer system BIMS (Biobank Information Management System). The registration of each sample entering and exiting the system is centrally stored, in BIMS computer-based system. The physical location of each sample is noted to allow the rapid location of specimens. Archival systems de-identify samples to respect the privacy of donors and allow blinding of researchers to analysis. The database, including clinical data, is kept separately with a secure method to link clinical information to tissue samples. Until now we store in Biobank specimens from Department of Old Age Psychiatry & Psychotic Disorders (urine samples, whole blood samples and serum samples) and Department of Immunology, Reumathology and Allergology (whole blood, serum samples).

HARC  Biobank  is further provided with :

  • The epMotion 5073 -2 systems in one. First, a tailored workstation for automated PCR set-up in 96 or 384 plate format. The new EasyCon control panel and PCR assistant software fulfills the highest expectations for ease of use, guiding the user stepwise through the process. Second, a flexible system for automation of labor intensive and complex pipetting tasks with the epBlue software, which addresses diverse liquid handling routines in todays labs. The epMotion 5073 is configured with all accessories and tools required for PCR set-up. Due to its excellent accuracy, the epMotion P5073 sets the standard for automated pipetting and real-time PCR set-up. Use dedicated MagSep reagent kits with the epMotion 5073 for unattended DNA or RNA preparations from 1 to 24 samples from various sources. The EasyCon control panel and Prep assistant software guide step by step through the easy and fast automation proces. Whether your sample is tissue, cells, bacteria, blood or cell-free body fluids, the MagSep Tissue gDNA kit, MagSep Blood gDNA kit or MagSep Viral DNA/RNA kit is your smart solution for automated nucleic acid purification.
  • Tube Sorter (Micronic) - For cherry picking or re-arraying sample storage library, the tubesorter can quickly transfer tubes between multiple 96 tube racks while maintaining sample identity. The advanced tube management system supports sorting of a nearly unlimited number of tubes. The robotics allows for the unattended processing of 9 or 20 tube racks at a time.
  • LigtCycler 96 (Roche)- RealTime PCR system.

HARC Biobank established procedures to ensure the protection of its donors’ privacy. Based on the OECD Guidelines on Human Biobanks and Genetic Research Databases, 2009), ISBER Guidelines (International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (2012)  and in accordance with the Polish Law of 29.08.1997. Personal Data Protection Act (Dz. U. No. 133, item. 883) all information provided by the donor of the biological material are protected, coded, and scientist has no access to the actual identity of the donor.

HARC Biobank is equipped with a system that adequately limits access to appropriate staff and protects against physical intrusion from unauthorized individuals.

HARC Biobank is monitored 24 h a day.

HARC Biobank combined storage system is planned for approximately 160 000 samples with future further extension potential.

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