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HARC mission

Our mission is to support and advance healthy ageing through biomedical research, education and collaborative partnership at European, national and local levels.

The HARC Conference
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Healthy Ageing Research Centre (HARC) brings together a group of 21 internationally recognized researchers at the Medical University of Lodz (most of them heading the University departments) and dedicated to further develop research focusing on major areas relevant to active and healthy ageing. The aim of HARC is to jointly enhance the development of the Centre’s scientific excellence and unlock its innovation potential in order for HARC to become a top-level, distinguished medical research centre in the field of ageing-associated diseases, as well as to increase participation in international research and develop innovation in the area of age-related diseases.

The concept of the HARC project is a continuation of the Centre of Excellence in Molecular Medicine (MolMed) supported by the 5th Framework Programme. The MolMed Centre, which focused on the co-operation and integration of research and postgraduate training, was extremely successful. It supported integration of our departments in developing interdisciplinary research in such distant areas as neurology, allergology, molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, and thus expanded our research into the new dimension.

In order to continue the collaborative effort developed within MolMed, but also to focus joint research activities of the selected groups of MolMed on the specific topics, In February of 2011, the Medical University of Lodz established the Healthy Ageing Research Centre. The Centre was created to promote research on the social and environmental factors associated with healthy ageing and understanding the immunological and molecular mechanisms of the ageing process in order to develop potential new strategies favoring healthy ageing. The University nominated the leadership of the Centre, and assigned initial resources to start the activity of HARC.

Eight research groups (University Departments) headed by Department chairs agreed to join the initiative. Altogether, the consortium consists of 14 independent investigators, 30+ researchers, with their research groups. HARC is designed as a platform combining and enhancing the capacities of these research teams of the Medical University of Lodz (MUL), which itself has benefited from the act of integration.

Leaders of HARC teams represent expertise in the following areas: geriatrics, old age psychiatry, neurodegenerative disorders, chronic respiratory diseases and kidney and cardiovascular diseases and molecular and cellular biology.

HARC FP7 Regpot was officially started on June, 1 and founded by the European Commission amount of: 4 400 000 euro. The timing for the Project is

3 years (June 2013 – May 2016). It has been also conceived to upgrade and enhance MUL research capacity through several strategic objectives:

  1. to reinforce and consolidate already existing cooperation between HARC and 21 European partners;
  2. to stimulate innovation with properly protected intellectual rights by exchange of know-how and creating new links with industry (SMEs);
  3. to develop state- of- the- art research infrastructure in synergy with the structural funds intervention;
  4. to attract researchers with international experience to work in our centre;
  5. to promote international knowledge exchange through workshops and conferences;
  6. to promote HARC and raise the awareness of healthy ageing within the scientific community, industry and the general public;
  7. to contribute to the solution of the problems of age-related comorbidities in less privileged region of Central Poland by exchanging knowledge with international experts and cooperating with regional authorities
  8. to increase the participation of the HARC researchers in the EU FP7 and other activities (Joint Programming, Innovation Partnership on Healthy Ageing, ERA-Net).

HARC Partners from Medical University of Lodz.

  1. prof. Tomasz Kostka, Department of Geriatrics

  2. prof. Iwona Kłoszewska, Department of Old Age Psychiatry & Psychotic Disorders

    prof. Tomasz Sobów, Department of Old Age Psychiatry & Psychotic Disorders
  3. prof. Paweł Liberski, Department of Molecular Pathology and Neuropathology

  4. prof. Paweł Górski, Departament of Pneumonology and Allergology

  5. prof. Marek L. Kowalski, Department of Immunology, Rheumatology and Allergy

  6. prof. Jacek Rysz, Departament of Nephrology, Hypertension and Family Medicine

    prof. Maciej Banach, Department of Hypertension

  7. prof. Czesław Cierniewski, Department of Molecular Medicine and Biophysics

  8. prof. Lucyna Woźniak, Department of Structural Biology


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