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HARC mission

Our mission is to support and advance healthy ageing through biomedical research, education and collaborative partnership at European, national and local levels.

The HARC Conference
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The III Healthy Ageing Research Centre (HARC) Workshop
June 9, 2014

2_860777Research area III was involved in organization of two workshops. The workshop entitled „Age-related cardiovascular and respiratory diseases” took place on 23rd and 24th of May. It was organized by Prof. Maciej Banach and Dr Wojciech Piotrowski. Different aspects of cardiovascular, renal  and respiratory diseases of the elderly were discussed. Epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases was one of the main topics. Distinguished lecturers, specialists in this area from Poland and abroad were presenting their lectures. Professor Virginia Howard from Birmingham (AL, USA) provided data on the differences in cardiovascular diseases and stroke statistics in the elderly between Europe and North America.

3_957996Professor Tomasz Zdrojewski presented data on epidemiology of comorbidities in the elderly on the basis of a big national epidemiological project – Polsenior. Professor Tim Nawrot from Hasselt University (Belgium) showed his own data on the influence of air pollution on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Another problem addressed by Prof. Gregory Y.H. Lip (Birmingham, UK) was risk stratification in patients above 65 years old. Other topics concerned current guidelines on the treatment of hypertension in the elderly (Prof. Alberto Zanchetti from Italy, Prof Zbigniew Gaciong from Warsaw Medical University and Prof. Ali Ahmed, Birmingham, AL, USA). Lipid disorders as risk factors of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly were discussed in lectures of Professor Maciej Banach (MUL, Lodz) – on dysfunctional HDL, and Prof. Nathan D. Wong, (Irvine, USA) – on hypertension-dyslipidemia as a combined risk factor of cardiovascular diseases. Professor Andrzej Więcek from Gdańsk and Professor Jolanta Małyszko from Białystok Medical University presented lectures on the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in the elderly, and anemia in elderly patients with chronic kidney disease. Professor Marek Kowalski (MUL) described in details the problem of immunological senescence. Prof Adam Antczak (MUL) presented the lecture on COPD comorbidities. New concepts of the pathogenesis of respiratory diseases of the elderly population were presented by Professor Kazuhiro Ito, Imperial College, London (oxidative stress in COPD) and Dr Wojciech Piotrowski from MUL (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis). Practical aspects of COPD diagnosis and monitoring were presented by Professor Waldemar Tomalak (Rabka, Poland), who was talking about the role of spirometry in COPD diagnosis, Professor Ildiko Horvath (Budapest, Hungary), who provided novel aspects of non-invasive monitoring of COPD by exhaled breath condensate, and Dr Claudio Pedone from Rome, who presented fascinating possibilities arising from telemedicine for the monitoring of elderly patients suffering from COPD.

4_637472The second RA III workshop was held on 29-30th of May, and was organized by Prof. Marek Kowalski. The workshop was devoted to respiratory infections in the elderly (“Respiratory infections in the elderly – the role in exacerbations of chronic respiratory diseases”). Epidemiology of obstructive pulmonary diseases was presented by Prof. Peter Burney (UK). The problem of immunosenescence was taken up by few lecturers: Prof. Caruso Calogero (Italy) was talking about sex and immunosenescence, Prof. Evelyna Derhovanessian (UK) presented his own data on the impact of CMV infection, and Prof. Krzysztof Trzciński (Netherlands) – about the links between immunosenescence and pneumococcal pneumonia. Prof. Ronald Dahl (Denmark) defined COPD phenotypes, and Prof Claus Bachert (Belgium) discussed the links between sinusitis and asthma in the elderly. Etiological factors of COPD exacerbations were further discussed by Dr Patrick Mallia (UK), who was talking about the role of viruses, and Dr Wojciech Piotrowski (MUL), who presented new data on the role of bacteria. Different aspects of pneumonia in the elderly were discussed in the lectures of Prof Adam Antczak (MUL), Prof. Adamantia Liapikou (Greece) and Prof. Ewa Jassem (Poland). Prof. Riccardo Polosa described the role of smoking in respiratory exacerbations.

1_764163The last session was dedicated to vaccinations in the elderly population. The lecturers were: Prof Parveen Jaqoob on the impact of nutrition on response to vaccination, Prof Joanna Chorostowska-Wynimko (Poland) – on the influenza vaccination in the elderly with respiratory morbidity, and Dr Ernesto Oviedo-Orta (Italy) – on the new trends in vaccine development.

Both workshops were visited by academic teachers, researchers, medics and students of MUL. Each session was finished by interesting discussion and exchange of ideas, which hopefully will bear fruits of new research projects. This was a great opportunity to find partners in research and establish future international collaboration in common areas of interest.



Assoc. Prof. Wojciech J. Piotrowski

                                                            Coordinator of Research Area III



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